Motorcycle Siren SS651MT-013

Item #: SSV-SS651MT-013
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Designed specifically for motorcycle applications
•Weatherproof control head with both siren and light
functions •Wail, Yelp, and Phaser tones
• Controls two additional lights or functions
• Hands free cycler option
•Auxiliary input (select positive or negative activation set up)
• Drives one 100 watt speaker
•Positive and negative switching for Auxiliary and Park Kill inputs
• Replacement jumpers for option selections
• High voltage shutdown protection
•Self-resetting circuit protection against speaker shorts
•Ships complete with positive locking connector, mic. clip, mounting bracket, hardware, and instructions
• Dimensions: amp - 2”H x 6 5/16”W x 4”D,
Control head - 2 ¼”H x 3”W x 1 ¾”D
•Output: 100 watts
•Voltage: 10 - 16V DC
• Frequency: 675-3000Hz
•Amp draw: 8 amps
•Approvals: Exceeds acoustical and environmental requirements, SAE J1849, California Title 13