NEO - MT215L - 18" Ventilator. 2.1HP Honda GX50

Item #: LR160-10-062N
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Compact and lightweight: 44.7 lbs!

A very concentrated and ultra-powerful jet of air due to an optimal combination of:

A high-strength propeller matched to the power of the engine
A red double-layer monobloc shroud made of reinforced high-density polyethylene
A high-tech composite grille

Positioning from 3 ft to 20 ft in front of a door without loss of power for:

more space to move about
less noise inside the building

With folding pull/steer handle for easier set-up

Precise tilt adjustment from -10° to +20° with indicator for optimization of direction of air stream up entrance steps or down into a semi-basement

Protective frame with grey epoxy coating

Stable & easy to handle with large rear wheels

Compact for easy storage in vehicle trunks


Open air flow: 16,950 CFM
PPV air flow according to AMCA: 13,690 CFM
Weight (dry): 44.7 lbs
Dimensions L x H x D: 20.9 x 19.5 x 21.9 inches
Propeller diameter: 16.5 inches
Run time at full speed: 1h40
HONDA GXH50 engine (4-stroke)
56% less CO than a 5 HP engine
Assembly inspected and approved by Honda Motor Co., Ltd
Engine power: 2.1 HP according to standard SAE J1349 of 2007
Noise level: 84,5 dB at 10 ft
Ventilation type: PPV blowing
Application: Single door, e.g. house, small apartment block