Niedner 3" RXL-800 Hose

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RXL-800™ specifications
The hose shall be of double jacket construction with 100% virgin spun polyester yarn in both jackets.
There shall also be a minimum of 10.0 filler yarns per inch in both the inner and outer jackets.
The thickness of the lining shall be 0.022" (559 µm) minimum and it shall be constructed of lightweight extruded E.P.D.M. rubber.
The outside jacket shall be treated with ENCAP elastomer, which shall completely encapsulate the jacket fibers and not merely surface coat the jacket.
The hose service temperature range shall be -40°F to 175°F (-40°C to 79°C).
FM abrasion test of 15,000 cycles minimum and Taber abrasion test of 5,000 cycles minimum.
At 800 PSIG (5600 kPa), its elongation shall not exceed 10% of the initial hose length; it shall not warp more than 20 inches (51 cm) and should not rise from the test table.
The hose shall not twist more than 2 turns per 50 ft (15,2 m) while at 800 PSIG (5600 kPa).
Minimum service test pressure of 400 PSIG (2800 kPa).
Minimum proof test pressure of 800 PSIG (5600 kPa).
Minimum straight burst test pressure of 1200 PSIG (8400 kPa).
The hose while curved to a radius of 27" (69 cm) shall not burst at less than 1200 PSIG (8400 kPa).
Meets or exceeds UL-19 and NFPA 1961 specifications.