Nomad® NOW Duo Magnet Mount System with Remote

Item #: 200-400-SYS2M
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Nomad® NOW Duo Magnet Mount System with Remote

Our most compact and versatile Area-Spot light instantly provides up to 2,500 lumens for up to 24 hours. The two included magnet mounts enables the light to mount vertically or horizontally to magnetic surfaces. The included remote enables the light to be activated remotely.

This system contains the following:

1 Nomad NOW Area-Spot light with Remote: Multi-Unit Activation
2 Magnet Mounts for the Nomad NOW

Sliding the diffuser lens converts the NOW from an area light to spotlight in seconds. This portable, rechargeable scene light can be used anywhere, anytime. It is also completely submersible and adapts to your specific needs. [Patent Pending]