Phenix First Due Series Fire Helmets

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**Please note, helmets are nonrefundable and cannot be canceled once the order has been placed.

First Due Structural Fire Helmet
Trusted by many departments for over 44 years, the Phenix First Due structural fire helmet provides all the protection you want and need while keeping your long term health in mind. The safest firefighting helmet is the one you keep on your head. Since it is the lightest structural NFPA 1971 compliant helmet, boasting a low center of gravity and central balance, it is less likely to create the neck and upper back fatigue so many are used to during long incidents.
Compliant to current OSHA, NFPA 1971 and NFPA 1951 standards.
High temperature thermo plastic shell
Four 3M lime-yellow reflective 1” x 4” strips
Closed cell energy impact cap
Exclusive Phenix suspension liner (nape strap or ratchet) Nomex and fire retardant cotton 8” earlaps (detachable)
Nomex webbing chinstrap (postman’s slide, quick release, or combination)
NFPA compliant goggles(ATAC or ESS)* Screw knob attachment kit.
Compliant to current NFPA, CAL and US OSHA standards


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