QUIC-RELEASE Strapless Cylinder Bracket

Item #: Z-QR-D-2
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The QUIC-RELEASE Strapless Cylinder Bracket, Model QR-D-2, is designed to hold standard, jumbo, and steel "D" gas cylinders with or without most regulators. With the self-locking QR-D-2, simply place a"D" cylinder in the bracket and press back through the latch to lock it into place ½ no straps required. The heavy-duty backspring holds the cylinder snugly against the latch and prevents annoying rattling. To release the cylinder, slightly press it towards the backplate, squeeze the levers to disengage the latch, and allow the backspring to push the cylinder forward. Made with durable, easy to clean stainless steel. Can be mounted vertically or horizontally as well as solo or side by side. Dimensions make for easy retrofitting. Third party tested to exceed current safety standards.