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Superior Signal Company Inc. has provided training smoke to the fire fighting industry for over 50 years! We know what you need in a smoke machine, and the ST-10 is it! With a powerful 1500 watt heating core, and reliable high pressure piston pump, this machine delivers an impressive output of 4800cfm, at a price affordable for any department. The ST-10 will quickly fill your training area with dense, persistent, non-irritating smoke with excellent obscuring power. The ST-10 comes standard with a 10 meter wired remote control which makes operation easy. No more searching for controls in a smoke filled room. This hand held remote features a selection for manual, or self timed (unmanned) operation.Simply set the dial to control flow rate, duration of smoke blasts, and interval between blasts. The ST-10 will fill the area with smoke at a steady constant rate, therefore reducing the chances of over concentration and residues. Features
¡Adjustable Flow Rate
¡Quick Warm-up Time
¡Reliable High Pressure Pump
¡Extremely Easy to Use
¡Thermal Cut Off, Prevents "Wet Smoke"
¡Non-Irritating Smoke
¡High Output, Low Cost
¡Manual and Auto Timer
¡LED Gives Ready Status
¡Optional Wireless Remote (Call Us) Product Specs
¡Power: 220/240v 50Hz or 110/120v 60Hz
¡Fuse: 110v/10amp, 220v/5amp
¡Warm-up Time: Approx. 10 min.
¡Output: 4800 CFM
¡Heater: 1300 watt
¡Fluid Capacity: 1 Gallon
¡Weight: 30 lbs
¡UL Listed
Superior Smoke items generate a gray to white smoke depending upon density and lighting conditions. It simulates actual smoke in appearance and smell without lingering odors or residue to damage clothing and walls. Select the appropriate Superior Smoke product according to the volume of the exercise area and the air movement through the space. The smoke will remain in suspension for fifteen minutes or longer depending on tightness of room. The training exercise can begin after the smoke item has finished producing the highly visible smoke and it has been allowed to blend into a homogeneous mixture with room air. SMOKE DRILLS: Fire, haz. mat. and rescue departments should hold regular drills to maintain the efficiency of smooth operating procedures while wearing full protective gear including self-contained breathing apparatus. Trainees should be instructed thoroughly in the operation of equipment and procedures. All participants of the smoke drill exercise should be instructed to leave the smokey atmosphere if they notice any problem with their equipment or sense any irritation. Proof of adequate protection will be no irritation. The training area should have several convenient exits. With a T.O.P. of 2100, Superior Smoke provides maximum obscurity at minimum concentrations. The room to be used for drills should contain furniture, rearranged from time to time to prevent familiarity with the layout. Retrieving a can or some easily identifiable object will teach men to feel their way through smoke. Some instructors require trainees to carry sand bags or saw wood to become accustomed to the breathing restrictions encountered while wearing a mask. The glow from a highway flare or the flame and heat from a barricaded fire gives valuable practice in sizing up a fire and its location through the smoke by a faint glow or tell-tale wave of heat. Regular drills teach men to handle themselves and their equipment with a minimum of effort and panic enabling them to concentrate on their assigned jobs of sizing up and fighting fires or making rescues. Training officers can schedule drills with a minimum amount of pre-arrangement. This effective yet simple to use method of developing smokey atmospheres satisfies training criteria. ASSOCIATED DRILLS: Ventilation procedures can be practiced, and the effectiveness of various smoke ejector positions can be demonstrated. Evaluations of smoke control systems and smoke alarm systems, also, air flow studies to determine the most effective placement of smoke alarm detector systems.