Star Headlight Traffic Director

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  • DLQS-ARO 46.8”L x 11.2”H x 2”D
  • DLQS-ARO2 46.8”L x 18.2H x 2”D

Voltage: 10-16V DC

  • Weatherproof interior or exterior mount
  • 34 customer selectable warning flash patterns plus 3 phase options
  • 15 Traffic Director patterns
  • Dual Warn option: allows the end heads to flash a warning pattern, while the heads flash a Traffic Director pattern
  • Includes a 25’ eight wire cable, with six input wires (Program wire, Left, Right, Flashing 1, Flashing 2, Dim/Cruise)
  • Front load head assembly design allows quick and easy swap of heads
  • Bottom and rear T-slots allow for easy mounting via industry standard #10 carriage bolt
  • Shipped standard with L-brackets
  • Optional SB44-5 keypad controller with feedback