Star LCS869 Remote Mounts

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Star LCS869 Remote Mounts

Siren Features

Four air horn tones
Twenty-two siren tones, including simulated mechanical and manual wail
Auxiliary horn input (positive or negative input)
”Hands Free” three tone cycle (Tone 1, Tone 2, Tone 3, Off)
Programmable air horn tones only mode (locks out siren tones)

General Features

Over voltage, under voltage, speaker short protection and visual feedback
Forty-nine changeable button labels
All buttons back lit by green-off/red-on LEDs
Dimmable button light intensity
Audio feedback for pressed buttons (adjustable volume)
All Off/Stand-by button

Lighting Features (LCS869 only)

Four functionality options: 8 second timer (aka gun clock), momentary, normally closed, or standard (push on/push off)
Two outputs (30 amps max total for system)

Kit Includes

Amplifier box
Control head with 10’ of attached cable
Forty-nine changeable button labels
Velcro™ for optional dash mounting