Unassembled Load & Lock Bracket with EZ-Out Strap Assembly

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he EZ-OUT is an upgraded version of the Load & Lock SCBA Bracket, designed to provide a more secure fit around the air pack and an easier to locate pull release.



  • The triangular strap and adjustment buckles combine for an easier stowing process and tighter grip around the SCBA, preventing tangles and providing a smoother release every time.
  • The firm plastic stalk around the pull release lanyard holds it rigidly in place, away from the seat, preventing it from being sat upon and making it easier to locate in a hurry.
  • The backplate, footplate, and seats are thermoplastic-coated steel.

NFPA compliant and third party tested to exceed the 11G standard.

Accommodates most makes and models of 30 and 45-minute SCBAs. For 60-minute cylinders, see Model ULLH-EZO-LF and add a Long Footplate, Model NEF, if using inside the crew cab.