Viper Foam Eductors 1.5" Rigid Base, 125 GPM

Item #: CSS-BYPP9520-DIAL
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Viper Foam Equipment is constructed of E-lite aluminum that is Hard anodized for durability
Viper Foam Eductors and foam nozzles work on the Venturi Principle to mix foam concentrate and air into the water to make finished foam
Product #: BYPP9520-DIAL
125 GPM VIPER Bypass Eductor comes with the new C&S Metering Dial that meters .5%, 1%, 3%, 6% and OFF, with just a turn of the dial. The bypass switch allows you to keep the eductor inline when you do not want foam.
1 1/2" NST ONLY
Model: Foam
Flow: 125 - 125 gpm
Length: 6.40"
Weight(lb): 3
Shipping (L)12" (W)9" (H)6"
Weight(lb): 4