Viper Industrial Nozzle 1 1/2" Swivel

Item #: CSST5016-PV
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Viper Nozzles - Viper Industrial Nozzles
•Industrial and Utility nozzles all have Fog, Straight Stream and a Turn-Past-Straight-Stream-Shutoff.
•Have large protective rubber bumper
•Can be used as a ‘Break-apart’
Product #: ST5016-PV
Description: Constant Flow - 125 GPM **BREAK-APART** nozzle with pistol grip and tip twist shutoff.
Model: Constant
Flow: 125 - 125 gpm
Length: 10.60"
Weight(lb): 3
Shipping (L)10" (W)8" (H)5"
Weight(lb): 4