Wiley-X Safety Eyewear

Wiley X Eyewear proudly celebrated its' 20 Year Anniversary in 2007 as a world leader in the research, development and marketing of protective eyewear for military, law enforcement and civilian markets and Emergency Responder Products is now a part of the Wiley X Team.

During this period, they developed unparalleled relationships with Special Forces and Federal Law Enforcement Agencies, and are proud to admit they have all played a major role in determining how the final product performs.

Wiley-X has set the benchmark of safety, style and utility with all of our models meeting or exceeding the ANSI Z987.1-2003 requirements for High Velocity Impact Standards and/or the Military VO Ballistic Impact Specs. In offering this level of protection, sleek designs, and proprietary technology,they have become the eyewear of choice for the Army Rangers, 82nd ABN, 101si ABN, 1st CAV, Marine Corps MEU, Air Force Special Operations Squadrons, 160th SOAR and the Navy SEALS to name a few.... Wiley-X selling well over 2 million units for Operations Enduring and Iraqi Freedom!

Facial Cavity™ Seals and Ultra Foam™ are built to seal the eye orbits, preventing wind, debris, and shadows from disturbing the users field of vision, drastically improving peripheral vision.

Wiley X Is Dedicated To Protecting The Vision Of Our Protectors!